Clear Concise Mental Picture (CCMP)

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes struggle to get or do the things you say you want to do? I put it to you that in many instances it boils down to not having a CCMP (Clear Concise Mental Picture). You see when you lack focus, direction and clarity the chances are you’ll struggle to achieve certain goals.

Let me put it another way, to enable you to grasp the concept. Imagine setting off to meet a friend at a location that you’re unfamiliar with. You have a rough idea where you need to go but lack the finer detail to arrive at the destination. That said you decide to use a sat nav. You put in the post code and set off.

As you get closer to your destination you notice that the sat nav is taking you away from where you believe you should be however being uncertain, you continue to follow the directions and end up in the wrong place. You call your friend and request the post code, in doing so you realise that you took the post code down incorrectly. (Your picture was not clear)

You now make your correction, reset your sat nav and a new route is displayed, which you follow to your destination. That one little error in detail was enough to derail you. Life is no different, by not putting in the detail, writing down your plan, painting the picture, focusing daily on what you want you inadvertently set yourself up for failure.

Lack of focus, clarity and direction will prevent you from obtaining a Clear Concise Mental Picture which in turn will prevent you from achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

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