Living Life By Design Not By Default


How are you living your life? Do you live by design or by default? Said another way are you experiencing life on your own terms or is life dictating the terms to you? Either way the choice is yours. In a consumeristic world, it’s easy to fall foul and remain on the treadmill of life doing what the masses do when the masses do it.

In recent years there has been a shift of what I would call plantation awareness. Where many have realised that the acquisition of high-ticket items a perceived lifestyle of living in the fast lane in an effort to keep up with the Joneses is meaningless simple because the Joneses are broke. The perception was never a true reality, call it smoke and mirrors. 

Signs to look out for when living by default:

Your dreams and goals are all but a distant memory, the thought of resurrecting them brings on a debilitating migraine clothed in disappointment and shrouded in pain.    

You dread the day ahead. Instead of being motivated, inspired and optimistic of all the possible opportunities, you’re discouraged, anxious and despondent dreading another day on the treadmill of an unfulfilled life.

You struggle to let go. You do what’s familiar even though you know it no longer serves you anymore. You keep the same negative friends, stay in the same career, live in the same street, remain in the same unhealthy relationship wishing and hoping for things to change.

How can you live a life by design?

Setting your compass. Having a direction accompanied by focus (Following One Course Until Successful) allows for clarity for what you most want and why forgoing what you want now (safety and comfort) for what’s important and meaningful (contribution and legacy.)

Saying no more often. Saying yes is always the easier option however you’ve got to say no to the good so that you can say yes to the great. Understand this mustering up the courage to say no to the things that do not serve you automatically gives you access and opportunity to all that lends to living life by design and fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Reflect, rethink and review. Setting aside time weekly, monthly and annually for your vision and the higher intention behind it (your why), to review your goals and to adjust your actions accordingly. Remembering that your plans are not set in stone. Never be too attached to your plans that you become closed to adjustment and flexibility always be able to pivot.

If you're serious about living your life by design, why not take the opportunity to invest in the Monday Morning Fix which gives you the opportunity to Reflect, Rethink and Review your life over 52 weeks. Giving you the opportunity to create the life you say you want to live.

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