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Who Is In Control?

May 15, 2022 0
In a dog eat dog environment, where people are being hurt or are in fear of being hurt, they will try to gain control of the situations they...

Your Authentic Self

May 08, 2022 0
  Being your authentic self is not allowing a situation or person to change you unless it’s for the better. Authenticity can be described a...

The Rule of One

May 01, 2022 0
  Rather than spread bet your Goals follow the rule of one - Follow One Course Until Successful Focusing on the One Goal keeps it simple. ...

Perception v's Reality

April 24, 2022 0
  With the way that the mainstream media has been distorting information presented to us, it’s no wonder many are finding it hard to make se...

Learning Contentment

April 17, 2022 0
  Contentment does not mean being complacent or settling for mediocrity and failing to achieve your God-given talent and potential. Not at a...


April 10, 2022 0
  Mindfulness is the act of maintaining a non-judgemental state of awareness of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and the surrounding environ...

A Random Act Of Kindness

April 03, 2022 0
  We’re currently living in a day and an age where a Random Act Of Kindness can literally save a life. Here’s a story that highlights this ...
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