Set Your Life On Fire

The prerequisite for anyone spending time with you should be that they nourish, motivate and inspire you. In short they feed your flame. Look at your 5 most recent communications via text, email, whats app etc. Are these people feeding your flame or putting out your fire?

Look at the people you have around you, are they fanning your flame or covering it with a wet blanket. The people that you spend the most time with, will either make or break your dreams. Everybody does not have the right to be around you, you have to defend your light and only share it with those who are right, for you and your life.

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Who are the people in your life that are fanning your flame? Prioritise them, celebrate them, let them know how important they are to you.
According to Fortune 500 and Forbes:
Halle earns $50,00 a minute because of what she is!
Tiger Woods earns $175.00 a minute because of what he does!
Steven Spielberg earns $675.00 a minute because of what he has others doing!
Bill Gates earns $6750.00 a minute because for what he has the world doing!

What are you doing? And with whom are you doing it with?

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