Three Things That Control Our Lives

Three Things That Control Our Lives

Three things that control our lives, Time, Wealth and Health. When we are young we have time to waste, to explore, to be curious to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things. We generally have health, we have energy, we have vitality. However most of us don't have wealth. We don't have all the money we’d like, we can't buy everything we want, neither do we get everything we want.

As we mature in age, we still have our health. It may not be the same, but it's still there. For the majority we’ll now have more wealth, more money, a home, we have the gadgets and possessions, we have a car, in general, we have access two things. But we don't always have time. Money can buy a house, but not a home. It can buy a bed, but not sleep. It can buy a book, but not knowledge, money can earn a title, but not respect. It can buy a clock, but not time.

Those of us who think that we have no time for our health will sooner or later receive a rude reminder to find time for illness. When we were young, we had time and health but no money. When we're older, we have money and health but no time. And finally, in old age, we have money and time but no health to use that wealth. So, what do we do?

We can have it all, just not all the same time. We place so much pressure on ourselves trying to get everything to be perfect, trying to get everything to work together, trying to get everything to balance, not recognising that it's none of those things that actually create happiness or fulfillment in life.

As we get older, time, wealth and health will all be taken away from us. But the one thing that can never be taken away from us is the impact we have on others. Because it lives on through them. Our health is the foundation of how we can build our time and wealth.

And with our time and wealth, there are two key principles:

We become successful by what we get, but we become happy by what we give.

What we give includes our time, our wealth, and when those things are used to make a positive difference in the lives of others, to help others move forward, to make an impact, that legacy will never be taken away.

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