Your Authentic Self


Being your authentic self is not allowing a situation or person to change you unless it’s for the better. Authenticity can be described as the daily practice of letting go of who people think you are supposed to be (imposter syndrome) and embracing who you truly are. Knowing self, embracing self, and honouring self without excuses, defences or limitations. Only then will you gain full access to your authentic self.

Having peace with who you truly are is one of the most important ingredients in creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle and relationship. Learning to embrace your authentic self goes way beyond your possessions, your job and the perception that others have about you. It’s who you are at your core. When what you say and think aligns with your actions, your authentic self shines through.

If it doesn't bring you peace, profit or purpose then don't give it your time, energy or attention. You were born perfect, whole and complete. You know everything you need to know and you’re equipped to do everything you need to do. What many lack is the belief in their greatness. Why? Because they choose to compare themselves with others not knowing that it is their difference that makes them unique and beautiful.

Your authentic self is ever present, jousting for acknowledgement under the clamour of all the miseducation, misdirection and distractions of life. Each time you acknowledge, accept and embrace the truth about yourself you give permission for your internal light, your engine room to fire up and radiate an awareness that if embraced allows you to live your best life.

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.

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