Finish The Year Strong

With only 21 days remaining in 2018, it’s my wish that you Finish The Year Strong. Take a moment, stop what you’re doing and fast forward to 1st January 2019. What’s the story that you’ll be telling yourself. Were you able to follow through on the plans that you made? If not, why not? That’s a very pertinent question I’ll leave you to address.

With so many distractions and temptations losing focus can be all too easy, hence an ironclad commitment to be accountable, determined and consistent in all your interactions is pivotable to your success. All too often many of us view failure as the end as opposed to learning a new beginning. Without taking action all ideas remain just that an idea. However, when an idea is let loose with focused action, that’s where the magic happens. 

It’s never too late to start taking action, so if your intention is to have a better relationship with your partner, family, work, business or health you might want to consider the following:

1. Create a successful environment for yourself that produces results consistently.
2. Impose strict deadlines on yourself and be ruthless about wasting time.
3. Hold yourself accountable, hour by hour.
4. Executing your plans like your life, career and future depended upon it.
Every great life, career or family is run by someone with impeccably high standards, someone who is unwilling to negotiate with neither excuses nor mediocrity.

What to do now?
  • Get Serious…Set clear goals, step up your game and take no prisoners.
  • Refuse to give up…Winners never quit and quitters never win. Adopt a setback is a setup up for a comeback mentality.
  • Do things differently or do different things. Institute a few degrees of change and focus on what’s been done well and ramp it up.
  • Accelerate what you do and how you do it…More haste less speed, develop a sense of urgency around all that you do with the end in mind. Visualise your desired outcome with all the benefits that come with successfully finishing the year strong.
  • Be Relentless….Means being unstoppable no matter what comes your way. 

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