Tips For Keeping Your Resolutions

Happy New Year one and all. Trusting that you've all come through 2018 intact and you're looking forward to a bright and fruitful 2019.

Tips For Keeping Your Resolutions

1. Have a plan. In order to succeed there has to be a plan, goals and actions that need to be taken in order to measure success.

2. Choose what you aim to do wisely. Having too many resolutions causes a huge strain on your willpower. Once depleted it takes a greater effort to kick start again. Ask yourself what's important, narrow it down and make the commitment to see it through.

3. Write your resolutions down. Keep it in a place that is clearly visible, to act as a constant reminder of what you're seeking to accomplish. Regularly take a walk into the future to experience the feelings and emotions that accomplishing your resolution will bring.

4. Be careful who you share your resolution with. Not everyone is for you, allowing your resolutions to fall into the wrong hands can be disastrous. Worst case scenario, you fail to get out of the starting blocks.

5. Take advantage of the New Years Rush. This is also the perfect time to find an accountability buddy. An accountability buddy is someone who makes sure that you stay on track, doing what you promised yourself you would do. It's someone who helps you keep yourself in line and at the same time you help them keep themselves in line too!

6. Remember change is a process. Whatever it is you’re looking to change probably took years to develop, so don’t expect change to happen in just a matter of days, weeks, or months? It may take longer than you would like but remember this. 

 7. Keep working on your resolution. After the initial burst of enthusiasm, the day will come when you’ll feel like you don’t have the energy or the desire to continue. It’s times like these where you’ll need to remind yourself of all the benefits of seeing this journey through. Keeping a journal that tracks your progress can be the equiliser that summons the willpower to keep you going.

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