Balance - Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

Balance - Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

In a modern world full of conflicting information of what true balance looks like and feels like, having an understanding of the four components provides a good foundation to build on.

Physical: Our physical body. The sum of all our physical parts which allows us to function in our day to day lives, giving us the ability to survive and thrive. In order to optimise the physical level of our being, it’s necessary to develop a robust regime which takes into consideration the needs and wants for maximum performance. In doing so we’re able to develop the skills necessary to live comfortably and effectively as human beings.  

Mental: Our ability to think and reason. Consisting of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and values. Developing our minds/mental state allows us to think clearly, remain open-minded and navigate the highways and byways of life. Left unchecked our minds can cause us to have terrible confusion or bring us profound understanding. A healthy mind enables us to gather knowledge and wisdom from our life experience and from the world around us.

Emotional: Our ability to experience life deeply. The sum total of every emotional experience we’ve ever had. It's the part of us that seeks meaningful contact and connection with others but can sometimes leave us vulnerable. Emotion - where thoughts and feelings go energy flows. Developing the emotional level of our being allows us to feel the full range of the human experience with the six senses (including intuition), and find fulfillment in our relationships with ourselves and each other.

Spiritual: Our inner essence, our soul. The part of us that exists beyond time and space. The doorway to many high vibrational states of expanded awareness and enlightened awakening. It connects us with the universal source and the oneness of all life.  Developing our spirituality allows us to experience a feeling of "belonging" in the universe, a deeper meaning and purpose in our lives, and a broader perspective than we have from our personality alone.  The spirit is kept in safekeeping in our spiritual body.

The spiritual level provides a foundation for the development of the other levels. All four of these levels are equally important.  If we want to feel whole and lead healthy, satisfying lives, we need to focus a certain amount of time and attention on understanding, developing, healing and integrating each aspect. In doing so we reintroduce harmony and begin to live a life that truly reflects our greatness.

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