Celebrate Your Success

What springs to mind when you think about celebrating your success? Is it sporting victories, birthdays, weddings, new job, promotions, getting that degree, the list goes on? As great as all of those are that’s not the sort of celebration we’re talking about here. Instead, we’re interested in why and how celebrating can help us improve our outcomes in life as a whole.

Sometimes, we focus on what’s not working so we can change it whilst forgetting to recognise what has worked and to purposefully stop and celebrate it. In doing so we miss the opportunity to review, evaluate and take away those golden nuggets that contributed to our success.

Being able to enjoy ourselves in the moment, prevents us from the need or the feeling of rushing into the future. As we learn to focus on what we’ve accomplished, rather than a long overwhelming list of what we’ve yet to do, we can begin celebrating all of our successes however large or small thereby cultivating a success mindset.

The reason why it feels good when we celebrate our successes is to do with the neurochemical Dopamine. It’s the happy chemical that is released directly into our brain when we either anticipate achieving or actually achieve something creating that feel good factor that we all know and love. 

Starting today let’s say goodbye to the Monday morning blues. Learn to focus on what we can be, understanding that our current situation is temporary and our best is yet to come.

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