Time For Change

In order to create lasting change, you must be in alignment on all three levels, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. When all three levels are in alignment, you create an environment for lasting change and harmony. If or when they are not, one or more aspects of your inner being will be working against you. When this happens, it becomes very difficult to achieve that which you say you desire.

It is not enough to think about the good things that you want; you must also feel good about what you want.

It’s not enough to want to forget about unpleasant experiences; you must also work to change how you feel about them.

In order to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings, you must shift what you think.

When you shift how you think, you change how you feel and what you believe.

When you change your corrupted thinking and let go of all our negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, you open yourself up for forgiveness, healing and new learning which will in turn allow positive change to take place.

With positive change you open yourself to be filled with positive thoughts, feelings and emotions of what it is you say that we truly desire Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness.

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