What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Three months into the lockdown, how you doing? With the landscape changing at an alarming rate, many find themselves challenged as to how to navigate these unchartered waters. Redundancies, bankruptcies, illness and the loss of life it can appear to be a picture of doom and gloom.

They say behind every cloud there’s a silver lining however in order to find the silver lining we have to shift our perspective. Viewing the current challenges of life as opportunities can provide a doorway to create something from nothing. Tackling that distant dream of a better life, career, business, home or family can be the catalyst for unlocking that conundrum of “What to do when you don’t know what to do.”

Don’t despair there’s help at hand. Here’s the good news, there is a way to navigate yourself to a purposeful life without knowing what your life purpose is.

Believe there is a way that you can move quickly to what you really want.

Believe there is a way to bring more enjoyment and fun into your life starting today.

Believe there is!!! And you don’t need to KNOW what your purpose is but you are required to recognise and follow what brings a smile to your face.

Start the process now, use this week to identify what motivates you, what makes you laugh, what stimulates you, what it is that gets your creative juices flowing. If that seems a bit of a struggle ask a few close friends what it is that you do well. Armed with this new information you’ll be ready to take your first steps to discover your new life.

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