Reflection The Doorway For Change

One of the key prerequisites in moving forward and dealing with your past is Objective Reflection. If when recalling your past experiences still leaves a bitter taste in your mouth you’re still being controlled and manipulated by experiences that have no business being present in your life today.

Of course, you must acknowledge what you’ve been through however you must endeavour to tell that story, that experience from a perspective of what you’ve learned, how you have grown and how you have healed!

It would be very difficult to go through life without any challenges. It’s like jumping in your car in the heart of London, travelling 10 miles and expecting to avoid traffic lights and congestion. Being aware, being able to adjust to a constantly changing landscape enables you to respond rather than react, which ultimately leads to positive change.

So, when you find yourself stuck on the details that leave you down, devastated, anxious or just out and out miserable you’re telling the wrong story in the wrong way, for the wrong reason. Learn to become your own cheerleader, learn to celebrate you.  

Learn to tell your story from a win, win perspective where you take responsibility for the role you played in the situations you’ve found yourself in. Make yourself accountable to take the necessary action steps to ensure that those experiences need not be repeated and develop an action plan of consistent positive behaviour that aligns with your core values and beliefs.

As you approach the end of 2020 learn to switch off the negative stereo of how bad you were, what you failed to do etc and switch on enthusiasm, motivation, highly excitable, loud and proud fanfare that says “You’re Blessed and Highly Favoured, Fruitful and Productive”.

In closing never be afraid to ask for HELP. If there is someone that you know respect and trust make yourself accountable to them to ensure that you begin to affect the changes you want in your life. If you don’t it’s time to start recruiting a new team equipped to help you to help yourself.

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