Your Health Is Your Wealth (When Was Your Last MOT?)


It has been said that your Health is your Wealth, yet so many people spend their Health gaining Wealth and then have to spend their Wealth to regain their Health. In this current climate of uncertainty, it’s never been so important to up our game when it comes to our health and more importantly our immune system.

Many of us are car owners or know someone who owns a car and in spite of the advancements in technology our modern-day cars still need to go into a garage for a MOT annually. So, whether you’re a human or a car we all need to go in for a MOT in order to ensure our road worthiness.

Ignorance in this department often begins with a minor hiccup in the balance between our mental, physical, and spiritual equilibrium. With the introduction and taking of the vast array of energy boosting drinks, tablets and potions many ignore the warning signs and continue to punish their body perceived as a temple to operate under more and more unnatural and stressful conditions.

But what happens when our physical bodies show no visible signs of wear and tear, yet we become unsettled with our sense of well being? What we once took for granted like getting a full night’s sleep, waking up in the morning full of energy, doing a full day’s work with fuel in the tank to take on a hobby in the evening becomes a distant memory for all the wrong reasons.

It’s at this point, we all need to take stock and ask the question “When Was My Last MOT?” In a day and an age when it’s all too easy to put our overall health and well-being on the back burner for the sake of our jobs, careers, business and families, I truly believe we need to take stock of what a balanced and fruitful life looks like and feels like.

Your MOT is personal to you and by adopting the following recommendations I truly believe you have a great opportunity to do something your future self would thank you for.  

1.     When you wake in the morning, spend some time designing the day you’d like to experience.

2.     Drink a glass of water, your body will thank you for it.

3.     Based on your personal beliefs make time for prayer, meditation and or mindfulness.

4.     Introduce some form of physical activity into your life. Exercise, walk or run do something.

5.     Your body is a temple, it’s where you live. Treat it like you’d treat a treasured possession. Eat things that are good for you.

6.     Invest in yourself. In the words of Ray Kroc “When you’re green your growing, when you’re ripe you rot.”

7.     Adapt an attitude of gratitude in all things, take nothing for granted.

8.     “Be the change you want to see.” Ghandi

9.     Walk in love, be love.

10. Give freely of your time, money, gifts, talents, abilities.

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