Change Your Password Change Your Life


With all that’s been taking place on the news and social media, I’m sure many of us would be appreciative of the opportunity to change our lives right now. With the loss of loved ones, sickness, unemployment, uncertainty with the economy it can be very challenging and without a crystal ball, the future for many may seem a bit daunting.

When all is said and done life still needs to continue. The trick is to develop the confidence to seize the opportunities when presented. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the decisions we make and the opportunities we take. 

Allow me to share George’s story with you.

George was stuck in the middle of a pretty bad depression due to his divorce.  One day he walked into the office, and his computer screen showed him the following message:

“Your password has expired. Click Change password to change your password.”

He read this dumb message in his mind with an angry grandpa voice: “The …… password has expired again.” Every 30 days the Microsoft Exchange Server is configured to ask employees to change their passwords.  Annoyingly, the server forces you to use at least one uppercase character, at least one lowercase character, at least one symbol and at least one number.  

Oh, and the whole thing can’t be less than 8 characters and you cannot use any of the same passwords that you have used in the last 3 months. George was furious that morning.  He was late for work and he had a very important meeting to attend. In his mind he told himself that having to change his password was going to be a huge waste of time.

However, as the input field prompted him to type his password a little voice said “Change your password, change your life.” It was obvious that he couldn’t focus on getting things done with his current lifestyle. Of course, there were clear indicators of what he needed to do in order to regain control of his life, but when your head is full it’s easy to miss the clues.

His password became: Forgive@h3r.  He had to type this statement several times a day. Each time he typed in his new password he would quietly say forgive her and the more he forgave the better he felt. In the following weeks, his mood improved dramatically. One month later, the exchange server asked him again to renew his password. He thought about the next thing he had to get done.

His password became: Quit@smoking4ever.  And guess what happened. He quit smoking overnight. This password was challenging as the side effects of not smoking weren’t easy to cope with but he did it. Focusing on the health benefits and the money saving motivated him to see it through.

One month later, his password became: Save4trip@thailand. Guess where he went 3 months later? Thailand - With savings.

So, he learned that he could truly change his life if he played it right. He kept doing this repeatedly month after month, with great results.

Here are some of George’s passwords so you get an idea of how his life has changed.


  • Eat2times@day (It never worked, still fat.)
  • Sleep@before12 (It worked.)
  • Ask@her4date (It worked. He fell in love again.)
  • No@drinking2months (It worked. He felt better.)
  • Get@c4t! (It worked. He has a beautiful cat.)
  • Facetime2mom@Sunday (It worked. He talks with his mum every week.)

And the one for last month:

  • Save4@ring (Yep. Life is going to change again, soon.)

George still anxiously awaits month end so he can change his password into something that he needs to get done. This method has consistently worked for him and now I’m sharing it with you.

What do you need to change in your life right now?



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