The Essence of Self


As we take time to examine why it is and what it is we were born for the how unravels and reveals a path of total illumination full of purpose and passion. You see once you put yourself on the path to knowing self, embracing self and honouring who you are without excuses, defences or limitations, you will experience the power of self-enlightenment.

Sounds too out there, too hard, too simple. Maybe the reason you struggle to get your head round it is because you truly believe that you’re not worth it. Maybe you've began to believe the lies that have been told to you like; you’re not smart enough, tall enough, strong enough, academically sound enough, from the wrong side of the tracks, school, college or university. Whatever it is that has been spoken against you remember that you always have a choice to accept or reject that which does not support, compliment or develop your well-being and growth.

Each and every one of us are born into enlightenment, we know everything we need to know and are equipped to do everything we need to do. What many of us lack is the can do mentality why? Because we choose to compare with the incomparable, we choose to default to lack rather than gain. “I can do this” opens the door, “I can’t do this” closes the door by changing just one letter we dim our internal light and the destruction begins.

The light of your enlightenment is already within you, it is the same light that will help you realise the power of your being. The light of your enlightenment is powered by your thoughts and your words, what you believe will have a direct effect on how you feel. Each time you are able to acknowledge, accept and embrace the truth about yourself your internal light becomes brighter.

Truth be known it never goes out, the light that you see in others is a reflection of the light within yourself. When you realise your own power and stop borrowing light from others, you will have reached the state of The Essence Of Self.

Nelson Mandela put it this way “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

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