When you think of change what is the mental image that springs to mind?

Is it one of smooth transition? or

Is it one of pain and difficulty?

You see whichever is uppermost in your mind is what you’ll attract. Change doesn't need to be hard but because we expect a situation to be challenging, stressful or painful, we brace ourselves for the worse.

Truth be known we are equipped to deal with anything that is presented to us, the challenge is our perception of the task. Let’s say you've got to make a big decision what’s the normal default for the majority a little worry, now let’s examine this closer.

If you choose to make a decision and stick with it, more often than not that will alleviate 50% of your worrying. When you then take action another 40% of your worrying will be done away with. Now let’s do the math by making a decision 50% reduction, taking action 40% reduction which equals a total reduction of 90%. Doing the maths when all is said and done only 10% of what we worry about will come to pass.

This in my thinking dramatically reduces the pain associated with that particular moment of change. When change is about to happen what we tell ourselves, what we believe and focus on will have a direct impact on the outcome painful or painless.

Going forward stop the video which plays out the worse scenario, give yourself permission to weather the storm and come out triumphantly moving through each new experience with effortless creation.

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