Identifying self through life’s walk and experience

As we grow older we must discipline ourselves to continue expanding, broadening, learning, keeping our minds active and open.  Just when it seems that life has brought us to a place of no return and we think that we can’t take any more, do any more or be any more, we must refuse to give up.


As one door closes another door opens.   If we are prepared to take a risk based on what we believe and what we feel we can trust, life’s experiences will bring about opportunities that will enable us to experience life on our own terms.


As we move forward, more and more experiences will bring greater clarity and our vision will be enhanced. Enhanced vision will guide us in the right direction. When moving in the right direction we must learn to exercise our faith in what we've come to know, and resist the temptation to defaulting to old habits.


Often times, those who know little or nothing about the plans and purpose of our lives, feel obligated to share with us what hasn't worked for them, and offer their thoughts and opinions of why our plans will not work for us.  At times like those, you must draw on your own inner strength.  It is important that we avoid the temptation to doubt ourselves when other people can’t see or don’t understand what we are saying or feeling. The key is to be willing to go for what we know, when we know it, with or without the approval of others if necessary.


Past failures, difficulties and challenges, hard times and bad times, break ups and breakdowns may have caused some of us to close our minds to the possible breakthroughs. Just for today let’s all agree to remain open to all life has to offer without the need of any resistance of WHY?


Resistance closes our hearts and our minds.  When our hearts and minds are closed by resistance, what we need will have no way of getting to us. The irony is that what we are sometimes resistant to is the very thing we need for our breakthrough.

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