Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Transform your Financial Wellbeing

rich dad poor dad


My Rich Dad said, “The poor and middle class work hard for their money. The Rich have their money work hard for them.”

The Power of Thinking Like the Rich — The Message of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

 Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the internationally  acclaimed best seller which outlines how particular approaches and beliefs around money can be blocks to financial wellbeing. Robert Kiyosaki was able to identify  fairly early on in life how different thinking patterns can effect your personal financial outcomes.  He describes how is birth father,  although academically astute,  held on to a "poor mans mentality"concerned with personal wealth and assets, and struggled to keep financially afloat. His second father figure, despite not being academically qualified, had a completely different approach to finance and wealth and as a result managed to become very wealthy in comparison.

Robert has created a popular and comprehensive program of financial awareness and literacy based on his observations. For more on how YOUR approach to money and personal assets could be limiting your financial wellbeing. Click Here.

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