Self-Enquiry & Toxic Emotions


When was the last time that something someone said or did managed to upset you?   Was your response to immediately point your finger at them for what you believed they had done to you, or did you manage to turn it around on yourself?

The fact that you may become upset is not about the other person.  Feelings can, and will be, triggered within you when an external source collides with something that is already within you.  When this happens a self-enquiry will help you figure out what you are hiding that is being triggered by what you are experiencing.

A self-enquiry will help you to discover what it is that is within you that is resulting in the hurt caused by what is going on around you.  A wholesome search within can begin the healing process that will give you the vital information about yourself which you have ignored, denied or simply brushed under the carpet.

Ask yourself these three questions:

1.     What is it that I am feeling? Take some time to unravel this one.

2.     Why am I feeling this?  If the answer that comes up is because of what someone said or did, you need to PAUSE and not give your power away.  Take full responsibility and call forth your issues so that healing can take place.

3.     What is the memory or experience that is the source of this feeling? If you’re prepared to go back and trace the original source of your painful thoughts or emotions and acknowledge what gave rise to this feeling, you’ll be well on your way.

Having completed your self-enquiry, take the time to release that which no longer needs to reside in your mind, heart and soul.  Release yourself from past beliefs, judgements, decisions, choices and disagreements that trigger toxic emotions!!!

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