What If?

What if? A hypothetical question to a potentially unknown outcome.

What if? I know what you know but you don`t know that I know?

What if? Irrespective of your race colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation, height, weight or political persuasion you chose to play life full out. What might that look like or feel like? And having experienced this new-found version of yourself would you want to return back to the old you?

What if? Instead of finding reasons not to, you found reasons to be the best version of yourself. Be that as a Partner, Parent, sister, brother, uncle or aunt. What if? You chose to be the best in your chosen field, whether that be a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Nurse, Banker, Engineer, Dentist, PA, Analyst or Psychiatrist. How would you think and feel in this new position?

What if? Instead of waiting for retirement, winning the lottery, or waiting for your stars to align, you chose today as the day of action, today as the day of no return. What difference could you make to your life and to the life of those around you?

What if? Each time you encounter someone having a bad day, complaining, dissatisfied with life, you chose to be the encourager, to see the bright side of life and not buy into the victim mentality. You choose to highlight the life lesson of the situation, pointing out that life is all about choices. When you strip it all back, every situation is a choice.

You choose whether you react or respond to situations. You choose whether to allow people to affect your mood and mindset. You have the choice to be in a good mood or not. With practice you have the ability to create your ideal life, it’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it.

Brake the chain, save the pain.


  1. What if is a brilliant question couple with the question WHY?
    Dexter Lindo


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