How To Catch A Monkey

How To Catch A Monkey

There’s a well-known trap used by hunters to catch monkeys. What they do is they take a coconut and proceed to cut a hole inside the coconut and empty it out of all its content. The hole is made just big enough so that the open hand of the monkey can fit in the hole but the fist cannot. They put some kind of bait like fruit inside the coconut to lure the monkey in. The coconut is then tied to a tree and the wait.

What they found was that the monkeys are greedy. The monkey would stick its little hand inside the coconut to try and get the fruit out but couldn’t because of its closed fist. As the hunter approached it would try even harder to pull the fruit out with no success. End result it would get captured.

Now here’s the kicker, all the monkey had to do is open its hand, let go of the fruit, and it would have been free. Because of its greed and its attachment to the prize is so strong, it scarifies its life for it. Silly monkey, right? Maybe not. What is your coconut? What are you holding onto that’s trapping you? And if you could just let would be Free.

Could it be Money? Your idea of Happiness? Your perception of yourself? Your idea of Health? Your notion of your ideal job? No matter what it is, if you could just let go of the idea, then you would be free to see what might be. No matter what the attachment is, isn’t it time to let go. Do not sacrifice your Happiness, your Peace, your Life for society’s version of a coconut. Unless you just like being a MONKEY.

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