Love Your Neighbour

Love Your Neighbour

At a time when we see an escalation of race attacks in Britain pre Brexit. When we see an escalation of the mindless killing of youth. Let the majority who know better, do better, by demonstrating love for their neighbour.  

Ten ways to love your neighbour:

1) Love is unconditional. If it’s not…it’s manipulation.

2) Our natural tendency is toward self-centeredness (which isn’t related to a healthy self-esteem); that’s why it takes a conscious effort to love.

3) Each of us is a one-of-a-kind creation. Therefore it takes time - often a long time - to understand one another.

4) Do you really listen and try to understand what people are saying? Or do you listen in order to give an answer; in other words, by letting the other person talk while you mentally formulate your response? One who loves, listens with understanding.

5) Simply being there to care, whether or not you know exactly what to do. Loving your neighbour involves fulfilling, in a visible way. Question Am I my brother’s keeper.

6) The fact that you’re a Prime Minister or President in a leadership position doesn’t mean you’re ‘better’ than others.

7) Be generous with your praise and encouragement. Inspiring words build up the self-esteem of others, whereas critical comments kill enthusiasm and love.

8) Make your friends number one: ‘In honour preferring one another’ This is another point where we see a clear difference between the leader who loves, and a power-holder who ‘looks out for number one’.

9) Learn to love with all your heart. Then love your neighbour as yourself. We have all been created in the likeness of the One who gave His life for us.

10) Emphasise other people’s strengths and virtues, not their sins and weaknesses. Why? Because you’ll be needing grace and love yourself before the day’s done!

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  1. This is good , a lot of people don't understand, how life is suppose to be , there concept is totally different which makes then ignore the true facts of life


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