Sign of Our Times

Sign of Our Times

It would appear that we have entered into a time and age where that which should be instinctive and natural has become overshadowed by the P.C. correctness society.

Many of us are chasing our tails from one extreme to another, stressing out over things that we have little or no control over. For those of us who are prepared to press the pause button and replay our daily walk in slow motion, would be pleasantly surprised to see that there is a wealth of information to be gleaned from our current situations and circumstances.

Who or what, is your arch enemy? BUSYNESS which is tied to something the Bible calls” worldliness” getting caught up in the rat race, neglecting your personal development, your quiet time where all your cares can be easily resolved if only you were able to appreciate the value of SELF.

When we get to a place where we can appreciate our God given talents life is definitely worth living. What would it feel like to stand out from co-workers and friends because your character is deeper, ideas fresher, spirit softer, courage greater, leadership better, concerns wider, compassion more genuine and convictions more concrete?

Would you still, be doing overtime on what ifs? How would your approach to Monday mornings be? Would fear dominate your existence? After all, we know that fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.

Going forward how are you going to invest your time?

Are you willing to prioritise Self, to realise your potential, your God given talents?

"Don't think in terms of comfort; think in terms of freedom. 
Don't think in terms of safety, think in terms of being more alive. 
And the only way to be more alive is to live dangerously, is to risk, is to go on an adventure.  And the greatest adventure is not going to the moon - the greatest adventure is going to your own innermost core."  - Osho

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