Pregnant Deer

Consider this scenario:

In a remote forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth to a baby. She finds a remote grass field nearby a river and slowly goes there thinking it will be safe. As she moves slowly, she gets labour pains. At the same moment, dark clouds gather around that area and lightning strikes and starts a forest fire. Turning left she sees a hunter who is aiming an arrow from a distance. As she turns to move right, she spots a hungry lion approaching her.

What can the pregnant deer do? Remember she is in labour!! What do you think will happen? Will the deer survive? Will she give birth to a fawn? Will the fawn survive? or Will everything be burnt by the forest fire?

Will she perish to the hunters’ arrow? Will she die a horrible deaf at the hands of the hungry lion? She is constrained by the fire on the one side and the river on the other and boxed in by her natural predators.

What does she do?

She does nothing. She just focuses on giving birth to a new LIFE! The sequence of events that follow are:

Lightning strikes and blinds the hunter. At that moment, he releases the arrow which zips past the deer and injures the lion badly. It starts to rain heavily and puts out the forest fire. The deer gives birth to a healthy fawn.

Moral of the story.
Life is full of moments of decision and indecision. It’s when we find ourselves in these situations that we must stay focused, aware and in touch with our ability navigate these mind fields. Knowing that when we stay true to our convictions, we receive our desired outcomes.

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