What’s On Your Bucket List

The Oxford dictionary’s definition of a bucket list is...a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. Things you might find on a bucket list... Travel, Learn a language, Live in a foreign country, Become a millionaire, Run a marathon, Swim with dolphins, Climb a mountain, Sky dive etc etc etc.

With so many young lives being lost on our streets it got me thinking about my own bucket list and in the aftermath of yet another killing would it remain the same? Would there be some major changes? Would my focus be on external factors? or would my focus become more internalised on family and friends?

My conclusion was unanimous, family and friends would be prioritised over any other achievements as born out in the coming together of so many communities after the loss of these young lives. I say this to say, isn’t it interesting how it can take something major like the street violence that we’re witnessing for us to get a handle on what’s important and what really matters.

Telling a spouse, sibling, child how much we love them, asking for and receiving forgiveness. Being grateful for where we are and what we have. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with those we say we love and care for. Having those memorable photos and mementos of the times where we celebrated together, laughed, cried and danced together all in the name of love and life.

As we enter into a new week let’s save a thought for all the family members who are left behind to pick up the pieces and make sense out of the nonsense.
Let’s determine to put things right within our own lives and that of our families and friends. For none of us are promised tomorrow, so let’s make the rest of our life the best of our life. 

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