Previously we looked at success from the perspective of:

A favourable or prosperous outcome of a vision or goal. The attainment of wealth, position or fame and went on to say that there is a growing section of society that will link success to money, possessions and fame. And sadly, we see an ever-increasing number of these individuals checking out early having achieved their perceived idea of success at the cost of their life.

Today I would like to focus your attention on success from the perspective of your actions and how you live your life. In order to better understand where I’m coming from, I’d like to share with you what I believe is needed to experience and sustain success and a better life. 

Mental Fitness: Keeping your brain and your mind in tip-top shape. Learn continuous learning, growing and experiencing of new ideas.

Physical Health: Developing and maintain the necessary energy levels to be physically healthy to fulfill your day to day workload to the best of your ability.

Purpose / Meaning / Spiritual Health: Making a positive impact in the lives of others thereby giving meaning and purpose to your own work and life. Enabling you to remain focused to overcome the day to day struggles and setbacks that are a part of modern-day life.

Emotional Health: Being emotionally healthy allows you to feel safe and secure with your own emotions and feelings. It allows you to feel your feelings and emotions instead of avoiding them or trying to control them. 

Social Health: Your ability to form satisfying interpersonal relationships with others and demonstrate your ability to adapt comfortably to different social situations and act appropriately in a variety of settings.   

Material Wealth: The ability to acquire the basic level of food, shelter, and clothing necessary to function in society today. Having too much can leave you anxious and too little can leave you desperate.

Finding the balance with what works for you is the first step on your path to sustainable success. Being able to build good habits and processes for each opens the door for your long-term success and happiness.

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