There are certain elements in life that we have no control over. However far too often, we allow our negative outlook, demeaning self-talk and constant focus on our mistakes to hold us back to the detriment of our success. Instead of looking for opportunities, we go looking for failure.

We never believe we have a shot at that promotion we really want so we never fill out the paperwork, only to go back to doing the same thing we despise.  We never ask the girl out on a date for fear of being rejected after allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.  We never take that risk.  The same risk life begs of us.

When we make the decision to break the habits associated with these limits we place on ourselves, we are then able to readdress the balance in our life. Taking time out to tackle the areas of our life we believe are holding us back can appear insurmountable but truth be known they were not always there.  

Taking time to retrace the steps that brought us there in the first place is a great way to start. Choosing compassion at that moment and releasing any guilt or blame opens the door for recovery.  Exercising forgiveness to oneself and those associated with the event is a game changer with a new and better self.

Well, the wait is over folks, we can now confirm the details of the Monday Morning Fix book launch.

St Lucian High Commission
1 Collingham Gardens

Date and Time

29th November 2019
Registration 6:00 PM
Prompt 6.30pm start
Ends 8:30pm

Click here to book your ticket today.

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