Tony Henry's "Monday Morning Fix" Book Launch

You Don't Have To Be Great To Start 

But You Have To Start To Be Great

Well good news, we've started a little about the Author Tony Henry.
When Tony Henry aka The Liftdoctor came by this name, it was no accident. The Monday Morning Fix illustrates Tony’s passion for supporting his audience to realise their dreams and fulfill their potential. Through weekly inspirational stories and illustrations, The Monday Morning Fix is designed to disrupt the drudgery of the 9-5.

Whether you come into contact with Tony as an Author, a Coach, Role Model, Mentor or Speaker, you are going to walk away inspired, motivated along with a can-do mentality. In addition, his energy and charisma are awe-inspiring and definitely come across in his work. 

Let’s find out what’s being said about the Monday Morning Fix.

 “Hey Tony I am super impressed with your work here, it really is so much more than a book, it's a life workbook and contains so many gems for a reader to awaken to what is keeping them stuck. But more importantly your great work offers readers the opportunity to experience a powerful moment in every chapter every week for a year, leaving them with a more empowering perspective on their life.

The reflections, actions and affirmations in every chapter make this so much more than just a book, this is as I say, 'A Workbook for Living an Empowered Purposeful Life' and in the hands of someone committed to make the best of their life it offers a pathway to success that without the book they would find really difficult to uncover...” Tony and Nikki Vee 

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