Truth or Lies?

One day a man named Truth and a man named Lie stood by a river just outside of town. They were twin brothers. Lie challenged Truth to a race, claiming he could swim across the river faster than Truth.

Lie laid out the rules to the challenge stating that they both must remove all their clothes and at the count of 3, dive into the freezing cold-water swim to the other side and back. Lie counted to 3, but when Truth jumped in, Lie did not.

As Truth swam across the river, Lie put on Truth’s clothes and walked back into town dressed as Truth. He proudly paraded around town pretending to be Truth. Truth made it back to shore, but his clothes were gone and he was left naked with only Lie’s clothes to wear.

Refusing to dress himself as Lie, Truth walked back to town naked. People stared and glared as naked Truth walked through town. He tried to explain what happened and that he was in fact Truth, but because he was naked and uncomfortable to look at, people mocked and shunned him; refusing to believe he was really Truth. 

The people in town chose to believe Lie because he was dressed appropriately and easier to look at. From that day until this, people have come to believe a lie rather than believe a naked truth.

The moral of the story, in today’s society we either consciously or unconsciously reject certain truths for the sake of our peace of mind. These truths may be personal, financial or relational however we all too often turn our back on the cold hard truth, even to our own peril.

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