Wait To Worry

The unknown is a scary place, what will tomorrow hold? For those of us who have had the misfortune of experiencing some monumental challenges, we might be tempted to start worrying about what the future holds. It has been said that when we focus too much of our time in the past, we get depressed. Too much time in the future we become anxious. The key is to be present in the moment. Said another way the past is a lesson, the present is a gift and the future is your motivation.

Experience shows that worrying rarely solves anything, in fact worrying only adds to the problem and highlights a lack of faith in the process. When you flip the script on worry and introduce a little mindfulness you begin to create serenity and peace of mind. In this space, you are able to create an environment for a solution as opposed to adding fuel to the problem.

Allow me to share a story. There once was a man who found himself financially challenged owing £10,000.00. This weighed heavily on his mind and caused him to worry and become more and more anxious. The more he was told not to worry the more he did. In an effort to resolve his situation he tried to borrow the £10,000.00 from his friends to no avail. In desperation, he went outside of his social network in an effort to resolve his problem.
Encountering Fred would be the answer to his prayers. The first piece of advice given to him by Fred was “wait to worry.” Why? When you worry you fill your brain with negative thoughts and create a story of doom and gloom. When you decide that you’re prepared to wait until you actually have a good reason to worry, that something you’re worrying about may never happen.

Choosing to make a decision and sticking with it, more often than not that will alleviate 50% of your worrying. When you then take action another 40% of your worrying will be done away with. Now let’s do the math by making a decision 50% reduction, taking action 40% reduction which equals a total reduction of 90%. Doing the maths when all is said and done only 10% of what we worry about will come to pass.

Live in the now and separate the past from the future and be willing to go through your current situations knowing that it is temporary. Simply put worrying is never going to make any problem or situation go away. Planning then implementing a positive solution will ease your worry and resolve the problem. Worry after worry can have negative adverse effects mentally, physically, psychologically and emotionally, not just for you but your partner, household, job, family, and friends.

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