Engaging The Conversation BLM

Six months into 2020 who would have believed that there would be an opportunity to unpack and address the elephant in the room “Black Lives Matter.” As great as that is it’s thwart with so many challenges simply because of the years of negative representation of black people along with institutional racism.

Now allow me to address one of the many obstacles preventing this conversation moving forward that common retort “All lives matter.” Why is this a problem well let me use an analogy to break it down? Right now, we're all impacted by the coronavirus and a lot of time, effort and resources are being utilised to address it. Why? It’s taking lives globally at an alarming rate.

That’s not to say that cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure don’t matter but it’s fair to say when compared to the coronavirus right now they’re not on the same page. So, when we look at what has been happening to black people and what is still happening to black people globally the focus must remain on dismantling this virus known as racism.

How do we move the conversation forward? By taking the time to seriously look at the other side of the coin. An example for you Phillip Lawrence was stabbed to death at a London school in 1995. He was a white headmaster and a father of four. A year after the stabbing the murderer was convicted at the Old Bailey.

In contrast Steven Lawrence a black teenager from south London was stabbed to death by racist at a bus stop in April 1993. A day after that murder the police were given the suspect names. Four years after the murder a national newspaper named the people, they believed killed Steven. Five years after the murder the police apologised to the family for failures in the investigation.

Six years after the murder, the Met police were accused of institutionalised racism in a government report. They were also accused of incompetence. Nineteen years after the stabbing of Steven Lawrence two of the men on the original list of suspects given to the police the day after the murder were found guilty of murder and sentenced to life.

 So, for those who like to harp on about all lives matter/white lives matter prayfully you are able to see that in the society we live in today black lives are not treated equally, are not valued or respected in the way that they should be.  And it is to this end that there can be no let-up in the fight for justice and equality. Black Lives Matter.

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