Reflect Rethink Reboot

In this current climate of global uncertainty, fear and fake news, is it reasonable to think it possible to Reflect, Rethink and Reboot to create a better tomorrow?
When you take the time to think about how you arrived at your current position in life does it frighten you? Reflect

Your environment is it true that you are actually a product of your environment. Would it be possible to do things differently? Rethink 

Given the opportunity how would you go about creating the environment that serves you best? Reboot


With all the trials and tribulations being faced by so many in society today is it possible to draw any strength. My personal opinion is a resounding yes. The saying “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger” resonates with me and my life journey. I truly believe that the challenges presented to us are there to shape and mould us into the awesome beings we were created to be. Provided we adopt the right mindset and learn lessons being presented. Failure to do so means they have to be repeated at your own expense.           

Reverse engineering many of the major events in life gives the opportunity to re-evaluate many of the decision-making processes surrounding certain events and their outcomes. With fresh eyes, it is possible to pinpoint what worked well and where we missed the mark.

When you take the time to rest and replenish your spirit it allows you to serve yourself and others from a point of overflow. It is pointless trying to serve from an empty vessel. Rest and self-care are so important in building the foundation of a new beginning. Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy. Never underestimate your own strength, you were born for a purpose and you possess all that you need to achieve it.

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