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Wait To Worry! It May Never Happen

The unknown is a scary place, with so much uncertainty and mixed messages it’s not surprising that there may be the temptation to worry. However, my advice to you would be Wait To Worry why? It may never happen.  

If you choose to make a decision and stick with it, more often than not that will alleviate 50% of your worries. When you then take action another 40% of your worrying will be done away with. Now let’s do the math by making a decision 50% reduction, taking action 40% reduction which equals a total reduction of 90%. Doing the math when all is said and done only 10% of what you worry about will come to pass.

Live in the now and separate the past from the future and be willing to go through your current situation knowing that it is temporary. Simply put worrying is never going to make any problem or situation go away. Taking stock then implementing a positive action plan will more often than not resolve the problem. Worry after worry can have negative adverse effects mentally, psychologically, physically, emotionally, and not just for you, your partner, household, job, family and friends.

Action steps….

1.     Identify one thing that’s worrying you.

2.     Look at your options.

3.     What can you do?

4.     Take action.

Now here are a few nuggets to keep in mind….

·      Don’t sweat the small stuff.

·      Don’t cry over spilled milk.

·      Don’t cross your bridges till you get to them.

·      Rest before you get tired staying balanced mind, body and soul.

·      Fatigue is highly correlated to stress.

·      Take breaks, this will allow you to stay focused when dealing with a task or a challenge.

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