Riding The Covid 19 Storm


Many of us will be trying to navigate the forever changing landscape of the covid storm. With so many changes occurring along with the constant reminder of negative daily news it’s not surprising to know that there are more and more people suffering with anxiety related illnesses.

I’m reminded of a story that I feel will help you navigate the storm. It’s a story about a father and son. They were coming home from a meeting one night. And the father feeling a little worse for wear let his son drive home. While he was driving home a bad storm broke out.

The son being a new driver got a little scared, he looked at his father and asked if he should pull over. Just keep on driving replied the father, so the son kept on driving. The storm got worse and again the son looked at his father and asked if he should pull over. And again, his father replied just keep on driving son.

Now the storm got so bad that the son could barely see what was in front of him. Other cars, vans and trucks started pulling over because of the intensity of the storm. Now the son looked over to his father with fear in his eyes and the father’s response again was to keep on driving. Eventually, they made it through the storm. The father turned to his son and said “Okay son now you can pull over.”

Surprised the son asked his father why only now was he happy to pull over. The father turned to his son and said “Get out of the car, turn around and look back and tell me what you see.” “I see the storm” his son replied. “No son tell me what else you see.” I don’t get it.” Replied his son. “Where are all the cars, vans and trucks that pulled over in the storm?” “They’re still in the storm.”

“That’s it son. You see when you pull over you make the storm last longer. But if you just keep on going, keep believing that it’s possible then you’ll make it through the storm.” Out of the storm always comes light. Sometimes you just need to be patient and ride out the storm.

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