Learning To Love Self 2


Your journey of learning to love self and practicing self-love, will lead you to ask yourself many questions. 

Questions like:

·      How can I learn how to love myself when my mind is literally at war with itself?

·      How can I learn to love myself when I hate what I see in the mirror?

·      How can I learn how to love myself when my environment is positively toxic and depressing?

·      How can I learn how to love myself when I have no positive role models?

·      How can I learn how to love myself when people label me as being selfish and neglectful?

Your job is to find a stillness and quiet in your mind and discover what it is that makes you feel the way you do, understand what lines are being crossed, map out a way forward and give yourself permission to set out and voice your boundaries. 

A few tips to help you on your way: 

.  Explore the core beliefs that hold you back, understand they are only thoughts and reframe them. 

 . Understand that your external world is a reflection of your internal mind.  Ease the mind and visualise the environment and future you want, and make that your focus. 

·   Change the way you view your perceived flaws, love them anyway, and love them so more. 

·     Learn to be discerning and say no to that which does not benefit you.  

·     Be your own best friend and cheerleader, be loving and kind towards yourself. We all need to master this one.

·   Practice sending love to all your challenges.

·   Learn the art of self-care and self-preservation.  Practice daily, and with an inner smile and an inner glow.

·   Be your own advocate and stand up for yourself.  This is done with politeness, certainty, confidence and love.

Never accept anything less than what you deserve. Remember you teach people how to treat you.

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