Covid Confusion aka Cognitive Dissonance


With so many different restrictions being introduced up and down the country and changes being made almost daily. It will come as no surprise that more and more people are losing all faith in the government and those who profess to have our best interest at heart.

As we enter into a second lockdown there are so many questions yet to be answered from the first that you may begin to wonder if there’s more to this coronavirus than meets the eye. One interesting question that springs to mind is why is it that the media seems solely focused on promoting doom and gloom when reporting about the coronavirus. 

Interestingly enough Theresa May herself recently challenge her own party about the data being used to justify this current lockdown. In her address and I paraphrase she made the point that the number of cases had fallen across the age ranges and that it appeared that the figures were being chosen to support policy and not policy being formed based on known figures.

On the other hand, we have Cognitive dissonance, the mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. Dissonance is most painful when evidence strikes at the heart of how we see ourselves. When it threatens our belief that we are caring, ethical, competent or sensible.

When attempting to digest all the information around covid19 as to its severity or not based on personal experience and the science, it not surprising to find the government trying to justify the wisdom of their choice and find reasons to dismiss the alternatives being presented. As government justifies each step taken after the original decision, they will find it harder to admit they were wrong at the outset. Especially when the end result proves self-defeating, wrongheaded, or harmful.

In these unprecedented times, it’s imperative that the truth be brought to the forefront and made known to every man, woman and child.

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