A place where we’ve all spent some time. Win, lose or draw there are lessons to be learned, challenges to accept and life lessons to be gained. Crossroads will test the value of your relationships and meter out the lessons required to establish the true connection between what you say you want from life and the sacrifice that you’re prepared to make to achieve what you say.

When you are clear about who you are, and have an understanding of what’s important to you, it makes your situation more manageable and your decision making much easier. Now you might be thinking to yourself that’s easier said than done. That your current situation is such that in the here and now you’re clueless as to which way to go. You’re anxious, tummy churning, having sleepless nights and just not yourself, how on earth can you be expected to make a decision for your greater good under these circumstances.

Whether you are contemplating leaving a job, starting a business, changing careers, getting married, ending a relationship or starting a relationship having a clear understanding of your values, boundaries and deal-breakers will serve you well. The crossroad you find yourself at now is your opportunity to make one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Lean not on your past, who you were or what you did or did not do. Focus now on who you have decided to become. Make this decision consciously, make it carefully and make this decision from your power and not your pain.

Will there be fear in making a decision? Yes. Will that fear have to stop you in your tracks? No. Is there a way to navigate this fear? Yes. As in all things we have choices, we can look at fear as (Face Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise) the choice is yours. Now you may be tempted to say that’s easier said than done and I would be inclined to agree with you to a degree. However if you were to look back at what brought you to your current situation, take a good look in the mirror and be true to self you would be able to trace a pattern or patterns of behaviour.

When we consistently work towards our greater good, stepping out from our comfort zones we begin to see the world and all the opportunities that it presents for us. It’s then and only then that we’re able to take the leap of faith with confidence and enter into space that reflects our passions, desires and potential.

In closing crossroads need not be frustrating. We are to focus on the outcome and not the obstacle.


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