Problem Reaction Solution


Problem Reaction Solution in Latin (Ordo ab Chao) meaning Order out of Chaos

1, Create a PROBLEM – Pandemic the government creates or exploits a problem that attributes blame to others.

2. Manufacture a REACTION – Let the mainstream media only broadcast/print the side of the problem you want to show.

3. Provide a SOLUTION – The government offers a solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occurred. Vaccinate an entire global population OR NOT for a virus that is so deadly that people can have it and be unaware of it. 

Problem Reaction Solution can be viewed as a mind manipulation technique that manipulates people to demand what they want to do anyway. The scary thing is it’s happening all around us and once you become aware of this technique and how it works you will watch the news and read newspapers in a completely different light because you start to see what’s happening.

Let’s back up a little, just over a year ago a PROBLEM was allegedly created in a wet market in Wuhan China where we heard reports of a deadly virus emerging due to animals being kept in close proximity causing cross-contamination which allowed the coronavirus to spread from animals to humans easily, according to the experts.

REACTION we were bombarded with images by mainstream media of people dropping dead in streets, we were told of cases skyrocketing, hospitals being overrun. Which prompted the making of a makeshift 1000 patient emergency super hospital built in 10 days to treat patients infected with the coronavirus. The 645,000-square-foot makeshift medical facility was made up of two floors, equipped with a thousand  beds, several isolation wards and 30 intensive care units.

SOLUTION a series of strict lockdowns restricted people’s movement. Social media apps were used to control how people moved around. Within weeks, the number of fatalities was rising rapidly, and China became the epicentre of global coronavirus concerns. But now, with the World Health Organization calling coronavirus a pandemic, its falling rate of new infections could make the country a case study on how to bring COVID-19 under control. Reported on 31st December 2019.

The article goes on to say:

"China has done an incredible job at slowing the spread of the virus," explains David Aikman, Chief Representative Officer, World Economic Forum, China. "I'm impressed to see the delicate balancing act the Chinese government is doing between getting the economy growing again and protecting public health - and I believe many countries could learn from China's experience."

Now I don’t know about you but it appears to me that China managed to control the virus without a vaccine. The World Economic Forum suggests that many countries could learn from China’s experience. Bearing in mind that this article is dated 31st December 2019 one has to ask the question 

Click HERE for World Economic Forum link

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