The Rule of One


Rather than spread bet your Goals follow the rule of one - Follow One Course Until Successful

Focusing on the One Goal keeps it simple. It minimises any fuss and creates a win-win scenario. When you’re able to prioritise the best use of your time in order to accomplish that important Goal. You create a sense of urgency and in doing so you’re able to combine the best use of your gifts, talents and abilities to achieve it.

When you apply the A-R-C principle of Accountability, Responsibility and Consistency you cement your intentions and increase your potential for success.

Accountability - Serves to protect your character as well as your credibility. By focusing on the ONE Goal you remove complexity and overwhelm and replace it with confidence and control. Making yourself accountable to someone you know, respect and trust keeps you in check and when you set the rules of engagement accountability is secured.

 Responsibility - Implementation is key, it’s worth saying loud and it’s worth saying proud “Goals never fail, it’s all about the implementation.” Having decided on the ONE Goal it’s your responsibility to ensure that you do everything humanly possible to stay on track.

Consistency – This is where the magic happens. By mapping out your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) you set the success wheels in motion. Just like muscle memory repetition is the mother of all learning. As you create this new culture of success you’ll be able to replicate your results to suit each challenge you set yourself. The end result is you begin realising your dreams and fulfilling your potential.

No matter what your goal, whether it be losing weight, getting out of debt, a new job, starting a new business, relationship or getting into the best shape of your life, there is no singular goal you cannot accomplish with this strategy.

And that is the magic of focusing on the ONE. Goals never fail, only the lack of execution.

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