Who Is In Control?

In a dog eat dog environment, where people are being hurt or are in fear of being hurt, they will try to gain control of the situations they find themselves in. They may even try to gain control of you!

If a person does not trust their ability to control themselves or stay in control of their situation, they will attempt to control everything and everyone around them that may include you!!

When a person feels wronged or is afraid of being wrong, they will endeavour to do everything and anything to ensure everything goes the way they want it to go. They realise that the only way to have that kind of power is to be in control. Control comes in many guises, it can be in your face or sweet and seductive. It’s imperative that whatever guise it comes in, you are able to see it for what it is and recognise when you, in turn, fall foul.

Know the signs:

  • You’re fighting to prove you’re right
  • You lie to prove you’re right
  • You have a need to be right
  • You are yelling in order to be heard
  • The only view that makes sense is yours
  • The only thing that matters is what matters to you
  • You’re still giving reasons why? After someone has said no
  • You think if someone gets what they want or need you will not get what you want or need
  • You jump on someone else’s case to keep them off yours
  • You believe someone can and will hurt you and you are trying to avoid it

To date, you might have been unaware of how the fear of being hurt or wrong has influenced your decisions, thoughts and your daily walk. As of right now, check yourself for the symptoms of control listed above and be devoted to becoming aware of the things you do to obtain and maintain control!!


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