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Meet Tony Henry - The Lift Doctor

Described as an energetic, charismatic and highly motivated individual, Tony Henry has a natural ability to combine inspiration and insight in order to empower others. He is passionate about supporting and encouraging individuals to confidently move out of their comfort zones; make positive changes to their lives; find their purpose and meet their full potential.

Tony is an Entrepreneur whose life is driven by his faith, a passion to enable others to succeed and a spirit of creativity in all that he does. A man of many talents, Tony is a gifted Motivational Speaker as well as a Lifestyle Coach in various disciplines – Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor, Radio Presenter and Author.


Tony has a track record of successfully working and engaging with various clients and audiences from Schools, Colleges, Community Centres, Churches and Local Businesses through his company Elevation7 Ltd.

One of his many highlights was to set up a Saturday School in 1990 with a group of like-minded individuals which ran for 14 years. He not only supported parents on how best to support their children educationally, but also how to improve relationships in the home. As a family man, Tony stands by the family motto of Accountability, Responsibility and Consistency (ARC) which has stood the test of time.

As one of the directors of My Community Bank, Tony engages with local communities on the importance of understanding money, budgeting and managing the family’s finances.

For the past two plus years Tony has worked as a volunteer Role Model with Routes2Success which is part of the Black Training & Enterprise Group. As a role model he visits various Community Groups, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Prisons and Pupil Referral Units with the primary focus of Inspiring and Motivating with a view to Transforming the lives of those whom he has the privilege to engage with.

Always the student, Tony began writing over two years ago when he heard a story about the most likely day of the week to have a heart attack was a Monday. This was based on the fact that everyone tends to look forward to Friday. However, Saturday is generally enjoyed but then on Sunday after lunch or dinner the focus turns to the dreaded job.

The light bulb went on and Tony started writing a regular Monday morning article to inspire, motivate and get people to reflect on their lives. That’s how the Monday Morning Fix was birthed. Since its conception the Monday Morning Fix has been circulated around the globe.

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