A Bridge For a Brighter Future

Bridge …A bridge is a span that allows two fix points that would never connect to have the ability to meet over objects and impediments, that would normally keep these two fixed objects from meeting.

Viewed another way a bridge can be seen as an exchange of ideas, a place of interconnected humanity, where we come and have a dialogue without the fear of being judged for our personal ideology. As a nation, we can sometimes feel we are in difficult times and things are getting worse. However, everybody has their own lens, their own perspective and the moment we invalidate someone else's perspective, we de-humanise them.

The challenge is, that we all have a different backstory, with differing points of view and ideologies. Political persuasions vary from far right to far left, cultural difference from European to African. That being said we have to try and figure out a way to meet in the middle. How do we build bridges of understanding and connectivity beyond race, beyond gender, beyond sexual orientation, beyond religious preference and ideology?

We need to decide that our past will not dictate our future. We all need to look within and develop a hunger to treat every human being as an equal. That doesn't mean we agree on everything, but we can all act as one community, showing and acting with compassion and forgiveness. Validating an individual's humanity without highlighting their brokenness opens the door for conversation. No matter your political, spiritual or relational ideology, we must validate every individual’s humanity.

When we begin to treat each other with love, the type of love that says, I just met you but I am willing to fight for you, even though I don't know you because your humanity is as valuable as my own. A love that will enable us to cross the bridge of understanding, move away from a place of fear and begin the process of agreeing and connecting. In doing so, we are less likely to be intimidated by a person’s physical appearance, different skin colour, culture or tradition.

When we are able to live our lives from a perspective of being relational, relatable and relevant, we enable others to do the same. Connecting with people who don't look like us, dress like us, talk like us or even walk like us, will require two more things; we will need to become intentional and uncomfortable. Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success, it’s where we see the BRIDGE in action.

As you start this new week, make the decision to be the best version of you, that you can be. Allow your light to shine, like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, or Nelson Mandela. In doing so you’re able to impact your family and community, through your actions and your words. Making the perceived impossible, possible.

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